Acadiana Barrel Racing Association

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2014 Board Members

Sportsmanship Award - Maria Vaughn

Highest selling auction item donated by Montana Roy

Open 5D - 1D Average Winners 1st Ranna Hebert, 2nd Susan Krieg, 3rd Sky Acosta, 4th Clarence Broussard, 5th Shawn Arceneaux

Open 5D - 3D Average Winners 1st Misti Thibodeaux, 2nd Kellie Hebert, 3rd Kellie Hebert, 4th Susan Krieg, 5th George Krieg

Open 5D - 5D Average Winners 1st Mylee Buford, 2nd Lauryn Bonvillian, 3rd Becky Fontenot, 4th Alaina Derouen

Fastest Time Barrels 15.626 Ranna Hebert & Poles  21.101 Ranna Hebert

Finals Champions - ABRA Traditional Classes - Open Poles - Ranna Hebert, Youth Poles - Hannah Adams, 8 & Under Barrels - Montana Roy, 9-13 Barrels - Haley Fontenot, 14-18 Barrels - Ranna Hebert, 19-39 Barrels - Amanda Adams, 40 & Over Barrels - Susan Krieg, $1000 Novice Barrels - Susan Krieg, $500 Novice Barrels - Amanda Adams, $100 Novice Barrels - Kelly Hebert

Open 5D - 2D Average Winners 1st Robi Meche, 2nd Haley Fontenot, 3rd Amanda Adams, 4th Hannah Adams, 5th Kerrigan Fitch

Open 5D - 4D Average Winners 1st Shawn Arceneaux, 2nd Abigail Myers, 3rd Kassidy Bellard, 4th Maria Vaughn, 5th Montana Roy

8 & Under  Finalists & Special Needs

Open Poles 1st Heather Addison, 2nd Kati Laviolette, 3rd Victoria Frederick, 4th Kerrigan Fitch, 5th Robi Meche

Youth Poles 1st Hannah Adams, 2nd Kennedi Smith, 3rd Alaina Derouen, 4th Mylee Buford, 5th Laney Adams

8 & Under Barrels 1st Mylee Buford, 2nd Montana Roy, 3rd Kennedi Smith, 4th Kassidy Bellard, 5th Logan Krieg

8 & Under Barrels - another one since we couldn't get a good pic of all of them in one

9-13 Barrels 1st Haley Fontenot, 2nd Hannah Adams, 3rd Abigail Myers, 4th Paiton Vallot, 5th Kaitlyn Ryder

14-18 Barrels

19-39 Barrels 1st Misti Thibodeaux, 2nd Heather Addison, 3rd Amanda Adams, 4th Abbey Credle, 5th Brooke Smith

40 & Over Barrels 1st Susan Krieg, 2nd Shawn Arceneaux, 3rd Clarence Broussard, 4th Stacy Hernandez, 5th Deanna Theriot

$1000 Novice Barrels 1st Susan Krieg, 2nd Shawn Arceneaux, 3rd Claire Bourque, 4th Suzi Fontenot

$500 Novice Barrels 1st Susan Krieg, 2nd Amanda Adams, 3rd Claire Bourque, 4th Kristen Domingue, 5th Suzi Fontenot

$100 Novice Barrels 1st Kellie Hebert, 2nd Maria Vaughn, 3rd Montana Roy, 4th Adrian Menard, 5th Becky Fontenot

Here is a picture of Hannah Adams and her custom saddle she chose as our 2014 Youth Poles Champion. In an effort to satisfy all winners, the board chose to give out checks to the 2014 saddle winners for the full amount ABRA would have spent on a saddle. This allowed them to pick their seat size, color and any upgrades they wished to purchase. They could also choose to get another brand of saddle or spend the money anyway they saw fit. There was a champion saddle at the finals for awards pictures and our youngest champion was able to take it home. Let us know what you think of this option and if we should continue it this year. Congratulations to Hannah! Thank you for sharing your picture showing the purple seat and cross stamping you chose.